The Nursery is Done!

Hip, hip, hurray! The nursery is finally finished and ready for it’s new little occupant! Want to take the tour?
Remember the super cheap and easy curtains and curtain rod? Read all about them HERE.
The room is really small, so I had to swap out the larger dresser for a smaller one that I was using in my room, put the crib in the corner against the wall, and leave plenty of room for the world’s most comfortable nursing chair. It’s old and kinda ugly, but it seriously can’t be beat for 2 AM feedings. It is so comfortable, it rocks (I love rocking my babies!), and if I’m too tired to go back to bed, it reclines! That’s why I left so much space around it. Priorities, people. I have also found with my other kids that I don’t use a changing table. I prefer to change diapers on the floor, so I just keep a changing pad tucked in the diaper basket. Works for me.

The crib has simple bedding that will not be bulky in the washer—since I know how many times it will need to be washed. It’s just two layers of fabric sewn together, no batting or tying or anything. I did add a blue band on one end just to fancy it up a bit, so it would look nice when folded over.

I painted the old crib and LOVE the color. It’s Benjamin Moore Waterfall. Just to give you an idea of how much of an improvement this was, here’s what the crib looked like before:

Eek! Scary! That bear had to go! And you can’t even see the huge spots along the rails where my little rabbit children chewed on the wood. Why do kids do that?! It took quite a bit of sanding to get rid of the teeth marks, but I am so thrilled with the new and improved crib. So bright and cheerful!

And don’t forget all the paper flowers on the wall, which I showed you how to make in THIS post.

The bed skirt is the same kind of flat sheet I used on the curtains. I painted white polka dots on it, added a little peek-a-boo slit and a bow, then used my super secret lazy trick and laid it in between the mattress and the crib bottom so that it will be adjustable, like I explained HERE.

The vintage-inspired poster is sitting on the dresser, along with a lamp and an old-fashioned bicycle I got at the thrift store the same day I got the canvas. I told you it was a good day! And the little shoes…well, they are just so precious that I wanted them sitting out where I could see them every day.

The lamp and shade cost me $1.50. I sprayed the base the same Ivy Leaf color I used on my wicker basket, and covered the lampshade in crepe paper flowers.

Aren’t they pretty? I’ll post a tutorial some time.

I adore this little bicycle. When I saw it at the thrift store, I practically ran over to grab it. It was a buck! Originally it was black, so I just perked it up with some cheery yellow spray paint.

Tucked into a corner is the basket I gave a makeover (HERE), all filled with diapers and wipes and ready to be put to use.

And the last little detail is the bolster pillow that sits on my nursing chair. I followed the tutorial HERE and it came together so quickly. I love how I can take the pillow form out of this easily when I want to wash it, since I imagine it will get milk or spit up on it.

I am pretty happy with what I was able to do on a tight budget in a rental home where I can’t paint walls.

Cost Breakdown

Curtain and bed skirt fabric: $6 (two flat sheets, $3 each on clearance)
Curtain Rod/Hardware: $4
Bedding and bolster pillow fabric: $9 (1 yard floral @$6/yd, 1 yd aqua @$3/yd)
Paper Flowers: $2 worth of scrapbook paper (on sale), the rest came from my stash
Paint/Supplies for Crib: $10- spray primer, aqua paint was free with a flyer I received in the mail!
Art: $1
Lamp: $1.50
Bicycle Decoration: $1
Basket: $1
Spray Paint: $11.25- two cans green, one can yellow

TOTAL: $46.75

Now that the last nursery project is done, I hope the baby knows she is free to come. Any time. Please. The sooner, the better!


  1. Oh my goodness, I almost made a very similar lamp!! I saw one on Target's site that I loved (only $20!), but it looked terrible in person. I decided I would just make one (but then I found the other lamp I liked at half price & snagged that instead with some gift money).

    I am so impressed at everything that you made & for so cheap! Our little one is 6 weeks old now & I just got her room finished. Not nearly as cute as yours!


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