The Redneck Air Conditioner

Has it been hot in your neck of the woods? I have been roasting! A big part of my problem is that I live in a town that doesn’t see a lot of hot weather, so when it comes, no one is prepared. Most homes do not have central air around here, mine included. When it gets hot, we retreat to the basement. But our main floor gets super toasty around dinner time, right when we have to be in the kitchen. Bleh!
Luckily, my mama came to the rescue. She introduced me to…

It’s really simple… just put a frozen water bottle in front of a regular fan. As the air blows past the ice, it cools off.

And feels oh, so good.

Hey, don’t judge. When it’s this hot outside, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!



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