The Saving of An UGLY Couch

I can’t believe I’ve never showed you my couch. It’s one of the most dramatic D.I.Y.’s in the whole house and you’ve never seen it. Helloooo… what was I thinking?!

When we got married 11+ years ago, we had nothing. My parents found an old, ugly couch for free and since we had nothing, we took it home. There’s a reason it was free, people. Look at it:

That’s one UGLEEEEEEEEEEEE couch!

Luckily it didn’t stay that way for long. My talented mama came over one Saturday and made this amazing, custom, tight-fitting slipcover:

Can you believe the difference?!?! It was amazing to watch her work. She draped pieces here and there, cut pieces out, pinned things on inside-out, then started sewing. The body of the couch is all one piece and the two cushions have separate cases.

I have to say, now that I’ve had a couch with a slipcover, I kinda love them. I can’t tell you how many runny noses, leaky bottles and sticky fingers have touched this couch. Whenever it’s looking dirty, I just throw it in the wash and it’s as good as new! That’s why after 11 years we are still hauling this little couch around. We love it!

And here’s the side-by-side comparison, because I know y’all love those (I do too!).

I’ve been getting my front room ready for Fall, but here’s the throw pillows from Summer:

So can you believe the transformation? Oh, and the fabric was $1/yard when she bought it (of course, that was 11 years ago… dang you, inflation!) so the whole couch cost something like $8. For real. It just doesn’t get any better.


  1. That couch is cute as a button!! Seriously a night and day transformation. It's the perfect neutral furniture piece now. Makes me want to make a slipcover for our love seat… Hmmmmm…

    • The problem with making a custom-fit slip cover is that you have to custom fit it to your couch, which makes creating a pattern impossible. You have to drape fabric on the couch and cut as you go. There are lots of great in-depth tutorials out there that go into exactly how this is done. Google it and see what you can learn.

  2. Wow your mom did an excellent job! She should do a tutorial video on how to make slip covers! I have a three cushion couch that needs one. I have the fabric it's pink, but I lack the sewing skills on how to make one. Wow, I'm just reading she made your wedding dress? Amazing. I'm looking to learn how to sew. Hoping to find some videos online to learn. I haven't had any lessons since my 7th grade sewing class. LOL And that was a long time ago. The couch looks great!


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