Thrift Store/Dollar Store Succulent Fall Wreath

 I love fall wreaths. I’ve been eyeing them at the stores for weeks now, but I just didn’t want to pay $20-50 for a wreath! Then I saw this gal at a thrift store:

She was a little beat up, but I knew she had potential. I bought a package of leaf pics from Dollar Tree, poked them into the wreath form and hung up my new succulent wreath!

I spent a whopping total of $2.50 and now I have my pretty fall wreath. Yay! I love it when the stars align!

Next time you’re at a thrift store, check out their floral selection. If you took off a few of the ugly things or added a few more pretty things could you make something great?

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  1. That's amazing! The makeover is so incredible, I did not see that coming. You did a fantastic job, you must have such a sense of satisfaction each time you look at your 'new' wreath!


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