Turn Cut Off Jeans Into A Toddler Skirt

If your kids are like mine, this is the time of year when suddenly every pair of jeans is starting to get holes in the knees. Luckily the school year is almost over, so we can cut all those holey jeans into shorts, right?! Yay for summer!The kids aren’t the only ones who get holes in the knees of their jeans. I do it too! I cut my jeans into shorts and came up with a great way to reuse the bottom half of the jeans.

Here are my jeans cut into shorts:

And here is the bottom half leftover after cutting:

I carefully cut up the side seams to open the fabric up. Then I laid one of my daughters already-made skirts on top to use as a pattern and cut the skirt shape, with the cute side seam running down the center of each skirt piece. I added a standard elastic waistband at the top, and that was it! A little girl’s denim skirt from something I would have just thrown away!

Tah dah! Perfect skirt for romping in the yard, licking ice cream cones, and playing hopscotch, don’t you think?!

So there you go. What once was a pair of too-short jeans is now transformed into shorts for me and a skirt for my little gal. I just love a good repurpose!




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