The Pantry Project Reveal

I’m so excited to share the final reveal of The Pantry Project today! Okay, so we’re not 100% done… we still need to add baseboards and crown moulding, but… I can’t wait any longer to show you!
Let’s start from the very beginning. This is what the home looked like when we first bought it:
Gag. I forgot how awful the “nacho cheese” wall was. Here’s another view from the front door:

The space at the top of the stairs was awkward and unusable. The first time I walked in to the house, I had the idea to completely change the space. As soon as we closed on the house, I did a half-baked mock up in Photoshop:

I use Photoshop for this kind of stuff all the time. Can’t decide what color to paint a dresser? Want to add a wall? See what the house would look like with a different roof? Try it in Photoshop!

We started by ripping down the L-shaped half wall:

We framed the space so that it was even with the existing hallway:

After a lot of hard work sheetrocking, mudding, sanding, painting and building shelving, we have a glorious walk-in pantry!

Look at all the storage we were able to create from unused space:

Learn how we built the shelving HERE. We also added a shelf between the studs just to add as much storage as possible:

Learn how we built the between-studs shelf HERE.

I’m so happy with this project. You would never guess that the pantry was not original to the house. It is seamless and looks like it was there all along.

Like I said, don’t mind the missing baseboards. We’ll get there eventually.


  1. Thank you SO MUCH for these pictures! We are building a house and I was wondering if a 3'x4' pantry would suffice and from your pictures, I can tell that's plenty sufficient ! I LOVED those little shelves between the studs..such an optimal use of that wall without encroaching the "step-in" area. I'm going to incorporate that in my future pantry as well. Thank you again !

  2. Brilliant idea to add a pantry there. How is the inside of the pantry looking now? Anything you'd do differently? I'd love to see a pic of the pantry RIGHT NOW. Not tidy, things crammed in where ever they fit.
    We've got a closet in our kitchen and my husband told me to make pantry plans and he would build it. I really like how yours looks.
    Thank you!

    • The pantry has been an absolute DREAM. I would only change two things. I would move the light switch a little because k don't like how close it is to the shelf nook. I'd also like to switch to a motion light so it automatically turns on and off. Other than that, I have been extremely pleased with the shelf spacing, the sturdiness, the painted finish, everything! I'd be happy to send you a pic on social media or email if you'll leave me your contact info. ๐Ÿ˜„

  3. thank you for the ideas and instructions on this panty closet I've read the instructions to my hubby and he is ready to get started on ours! Thank you and will send you pictures

    • Gosh, it’s been so long since we did it that I don’t remember exactly, but each 8 foot board we used for shelves cost just under $12. Maybe that’ll help?

  4. Hi,
    Is that skinny little 2×2 really going to hold up all that weight? Iโ€™m going to change out the shelves I have now. The guy put in like 2 book shelves but I wanted the L shelves. I just worried about the weight. I was planning on putting my least used kitchen items like my fryer on the top shelf. I have a glass door so donโ€™t want to take any chances it might collapse.

    • The shelves are held up by furring strips along the back and outside edges as well as the 2×2 in the corner. Our pantry is nearly four years old at this point and is still just as sturdy as the day we built it. I’ve even caught my children climbing on them to reach the top shelves– eek!– and they are still holding strong.

    • The shelves are 11 3/4 inch deep. The furring strips that are attached to the wall under the shelves are 1×2. Does that clarify?

  5. Great job! We started the layout today. Canโ€™t wait to get these droopy wire shelves out and solid wood in. Thanks for the inspiration and the thoughts about the auto on light feature.

    • We keep all our little bottles there– things like molasses, red wine vinegar, etc. It’s so nice that they don’t get lost behind things on the bigger shelves.


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