Valentine’s Day Countdown Heart Garland

Make this cute and easy Valentine’s Day countdown garland using heart-shaped paper mache boxes and lace.

I love decorating for holidays and I love countdown calendars, so a project that combines the two is perfect. Valentine’s Day ironically doesn’t get a lot of love for such a fun holiday, but counting down to anything makes it more special and exciting, so I decided to make this cute garland that doubles as a countdown calendar with one paper mache box for each of the fourteen days in February leading up to Valentines day.

To make this Valentine’s Day craft, you will need:

Step 1: Line the side edges of each box with the lace tape or washi tape. You could also cut strips of scrapbook paper and glue them on. Whatever floats your boat!

Step 2: Cut numbers out of adhesive vinyl or use number stickers and stick them to to each heart.

Step 3: Lay a piece of ribbon down on a large work surface. Arrange the heart boxes so they’re evenly spaced along the ribbon. I split my hearts between two ribbons because it fit the size of my space better.

Step 4: Place two dabs of hot glue along the top back of the heart box, then affix the box to the ribbon like this:

Step 5: Tie lengths of lace to the ribbon in between each heart box just for fun.

Then you can fill your boxes with treats, love notes or whatever you want and let your loved ones open one box each day until Valentine’s Day. Fun!

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