Adult Coloring Valentine’s Day Cards (Free Printable!)

Valentines Day Cards with a coloring theme. Enjoy these free printable Valentine’s Day cards.

I’ve been starting to think about Valentine’s Day and this year I decided to step up my game with homemade Valentine’s Day cards. I decided that while I was at it, I might as well create a free printable to share with all of you.

Do you make homemade Valentines Day cards or do you buy them at the store? I love to see what my kids bring home from school each year and of course, the homemade cards are my favorite. They are just so much cuter and more personal.

Valentines Day Cards

Have you gotten in to the whole adult coloring book craze? My kids and I LOVE to color these intricate pictures. It got me thinking that I needed to make a coloring book Valentine’s Day card. So I sat down with my pens and sketched up a fun design. After a lot of digital manipulation, this is what I ended up with!
Printable Valentines Day Cards
Hand them out, then color a few for yourself. If you haven’t tried coloring since you were in elementary school, give it a try. It’s so relaxing!

We plan to put each card into a cute cellophane bag with a few crayons and tie it up with a cute bow. That’s another thing we’ve realized in the last few years. You can’t just give a Valentines card out at school anymore… it has to have something with it like candy, a pencil or a little toy.

Cheesy Valentines Day Cards

These designs are a free download for personal use only.

Free Printable Valentines Day Cards Instructions

  1. Click on the links below to download.
  2. Print the first design onto white cardstock.
  3. Print the second design on the back side of the cardstock.
  4. Cut the paper into fourths. 
  5. If your printer doesn’t print to the edge of the paper, you may need to do some extra trimming to get things even or send them to a print shop to be printed.

Each finished card is approximately 4 1/4 x 5 1/2.

Free Printable Adult Coloring Book Valentines Day Card FRONT
Free Printable Adult Coloring Book Valentines Day Card BACK


  1. I have been coloring since before it was cool, and still do. So I am loving that they are coming out with adult coloring books. But I still buy the $0.99 ones that are for kids and color them too. And I am loving this color my world Valentine so Thanks for sharing on Show and Tell.


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