Vintage Treasures

A few weekends ago, we helped clear out my husband’s grandma’s house. She has moved into a retirement home and the home she has lived in for the last 50 years has been sold to someone else. Sniff, sniff.

It was an emotional day. My husband has been visiting his grandma at that house his whole life. I was sad as we cleaned out closets and packed up 50 years of memories.

But enough with the sad.

I was able to choose a few treasures to bring home with me and I am so in love with these vintage items.

First up, three gorgeous, old suitcases that I am just absolutely crazy about:

Sigh. Aren’t they puuuuurty?

My husband chose several books that his grandpa had read to him. I chose books that had pretty covers. Yep, I’m shallow like that.
I ended up with a lot of old sewing notions, including two dozen or so wooden thread spools that I can’t wait to display. And how cute is that old needle book with the happy housewives on the cover? I fell in love with the milk glass soap dish with the owl face. Whooooooo wouldn’t?

I need to ask Grandma who stitched these two lovely little birds. They are a real treasure!

I love to think of all the grandkids who have played with this old metal tractor over the years. It’s going to be displayed in the boy’s bedroom along with a huge jar of cool, old glass marbles that I forgot to photograph.
I am a sucker for antiques. I love when an item feels like it has a story to tell. Grandma may not live at her old home anymore, but I will always cherish these little reminders of her and the many happy memories we’ve had there.


  1. When you look at all the items…. you will remember Grandma. What a sweet remembrance!! It always makes me think, "what will MY children want to keep of mine?"


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