Well, That Got Done Sooner Than I Thought It Would…

I recently shared the progress I’ve been making in the downstairs family room. I thought it would be quite a while before I finished up down there, but things came together for me and I am done!

Let’s take a little look back to the very beginning:

So blah.

Here’s how it looks today:

I found the map at a school that was being demolished. They were selling everything they weren’t taking to the new school. Scored it for $5! It rolls up and down and I have to admit that sometimes I do it just for fun. I feel like a school teacher! I love the bright pop of color it adds to the room.

I hid the big tangle of computer cords by sticking two sheets of dollar store foam core between the desk and the cords. You can hardly see the foam core and it is hands-down better than seeing that mess of cords! I’m rather proud of that solution… I tell ya, those cords had me stumped for the longest time!

 Aw stink. I forgot to put the chair I recovered in the picture!

I used steel wool and vinegar to stain the top of the desk. I’ll write up a separate post on that some time. It was a very interesting experience!
The desk would look so much tidier without the computer tower and the printer, but hello… I live here. Things have to be functional. 
And in true blogger fashion, here’s a good old before-and-after photo:

Now I won’t be embarrassed to have people come downstairs!


  1. The desk looks so different! Can't wait to see how you stained the top. We just moved into a new house (a week ago!) and I can't wait to start painting everything.


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