When Installing New Doorknobs Gets Complicated

With the addition of the pantry door to the hallway, we ended up with three different styles of doorknobs. Two was bad enough, but three made me twitch.

So I picked up new doorknobs for the five doors in the hallway that needed to match the new pantry doorknob. I was so excited to show you how easy it is to switch out doorknobs! Usually it just involves unscrewing the old pieces and installing the new. Unfortunately, my doors had a little problem:

Do you see it? The new knobs have a rectangular latch and my doors have a round hole. I was so discouraged that I gave up and went to pout for a while.

Then my husband happened to be at Home Depot getting stuff for the pantry, and he found a tool designed to fix our doorknob problem!

It’s the Ryobi Door Latch Installation Kit. It cost $10.

One side has this blade that’s the perfect shape for the new hardware:

and the other end has a little blade that carves out the door so the latch can sit flush:

I undid the existing knobs, which is easy… just a couple screws.

Then I lined the tool up in the existing hole and gave it some serious whacks with a rubber mallet. It cut the perfect edges for the new hardware to fit into.

Then I used the other side of the tool to carve out the spot. My doors are made of cheapo material, and this was my first try, so you can see I got a little carried away and ripped some of the MDF past where it was supposed to be. I got better at this and was able to do other doors with no goof-ups.

After I got it carved out deep enough, I installed the new hardware!

All that mess from where I carved too far was easy to fix with a little paint.

Anyway, I had to share the discovery of this little tool, because it saved us! All five doors in the hallway match now. Twitching crisis averted!



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