Yard Sale Transformations

Yard sale season is in full swing now that the weather has finally gotten warm. My husband may cringe, but I love finding something outdated, bringing it home, and giving it new life! Here are a few of the treasures I’ve found and changed to fit my style a little more.

All I did was paint this $1 wooden mail/magazine holder and add some hooks in the bottom so I have a place to hang keys. Now it is mounted on the wall above my mail slot so I have a place besides the kitchen table to stash the mail every day. Call me crazy, but I’ve been thinking I might actually paint this one again. When I was at the store last night, I saw a hammered antique pewter spray paint. Wouldn’t that be cool on this project!?! I might just do it!

I got this plate for some ridiculous amount like a quarter. But the asian motif didn’t really fit with my decor. Yellow craft paint, some whitewashing and a hand-painted branchy berry thing, and it’s now kitchen decor. Plates like this would be great to use on the ledges above open kitchen cabinets. I have it sitting on the counter to hide my husband’s big, ugly cup that he needs to keep by the sink. haha.

And last but not least is this beauty:

I got this wooden tray at a yard sale for 75 cents. My husband bent it until it was straight again (did you notice it was crooked in the before picture… Gah! My OCD side was flipping out!), then I painted the handles glossy black and the plates matte white. What am I going to use it for?

For displaying my jewelry! I am so excited. I have needed a solution for the top of this dresser. It is usually piled with tangles of jewelry, so this will help me keep things tidy.
I am always amazed how a little paint can give objects new life. What yard sale “treasures” have you found lately?
TDC Before and After



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