Clean Eating Day 1

I made it through day one.  Barely. Breakfast and lunch went well, but by 3:00, I was wishing for bread and chocolate. We went to my parents house for dinner and to watch college football. My mom made me cream-free chicken chili and a delicious green salad, but it was really hard to watch everyone else eat cornbread and then have ice cream for dessert. I am realizing just how much I view food as a reward, as something that brings me happiness. And I was a little bit sad to not get any of the “yummies.” But I did it. I didn’t cave. I stuck to my plan and I’m feeling good about that!

Here’s what I ate:

Spinach, banana, orange, raspberry and pineapple smoothie

Mexican tuna wraps (tuna, Salsa Verde, cumin, and chili powder wrapped in lettuce)

Chicken Chili (white beans, chicken, green chilies, carrots, celery, and spices. No cream)
Green salad with cucumber/tomato and an avocado/lime dressing

cutie orange
hummus and cucumbers

I’m already halfway through day two and staying strong. But dreaming of cornbread.


  1. My neice, who has psorisis has been on a clean eating diet for eight months. In this time her skin has cleared and she has lost fifteen kilograms. She found this difficult at first but now follows a diet by Dr. Furham and flew all the way to Miami from Australia to attend his lectures. This has now become a way of life for her, good luck

  2. I am trying to keep gluten to a minimum in my own life and I realize how my hungrier I am when I don't have all that wheat. So I have found a delicious snack is simple, just some almonds and cashews. I would recommend the Costco ones, or the ones with a hint of sea salt. Almonds and some string cheese make a yummy treat.

  3. Sorry for the second comment, I saw that you said no dairy, but some cheese are actually really good for you since they have a lot of protein and a good blood sugar booster. Also, if you are not already, make sure you are taking a high vitamin D3 dose each day to help keep your levels up. If you let it drop too low, then you can get really lethargic and not feel like working out as much. It just is important especially since we are now starting to have less sun. I also found out the hard way that when it gets low, it is very hard to pull it back up. I was at 13 in January, by May after taking prescription strength weekly dose and daily doses and drinking a gallon a milk a week, I only pulled up to a 30. Ideally you want to be at level 50 🙂


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