Clean Eating Day 2

Yesterday was day two of my mission to overhaul my eating habits. It was harder than day one. I went to a church function where they had doughnuts and apple cider afterwards. I was really strong and didn’t eat any. But I made the mistake of bringing some of the extras home to my family. Let’s just say I have never been so close to tackling someone to steal their doughnut. They smelled so good! And doughnuts are one of my favorite, favorite treats! Truthfully, the only reason I didn’t eat one was because I knew I would have to admit to it here on my blog.

On day two, I noticed that I don’t stay full for very long and need to bring food with me if I leave home. I also have to pee more often than normal. I also feel like I am spending a lot of time each day cooking food!On a side note, I had a major failed attempt at poaching an egg.

But my dinner was absolutely scrumptious, even without pasta or rice:

I made sauteed chicken, zucchini and mushrooms with salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and Italian seasonings. I used just enough oil to keep things from sticking to the pan. It really hit the spot!

Here’s what I ate the rest of the day:

* Banana
* Smoothie: spinach, orange, cantaloupe, strawberry, banana
* Cantaloupe
* Hummus with cucumbers
* Apple
* 1 egg (failed poached egg)
* 2 cooked apples with cinnamon
* Refried black beans with salsa on top


  1. I hope you don't mind a suggestion. Try upping your protein consumption. Hard boiled eggs, apple with almond butter, handful of nuts, sliced chicken, or even bacon slices. And almond milk actually has more calcium and vitamin D than regular cow's milk. You can get your vitamin D and calcium from your veggies too vs. fatty cheeses. I hope you don't mind the input. 🙂 And yes, eating this way creates you to be in the kitchen prepping 24/7!

  2. You failed at poaching an egg and you didn't call me? I know all the secrets.

    Quinoa would definitely help you in your protein needs. I thinly you'd like it too. it is kind of like rice or cous cous, but way healthier., more protein per ounce than meat!

  3. If you have a Winco grocery story near by they have quinoa in the bulk bins for a decent price. I've found it's great with Mexican flavors-lime, black beans, corn, cilantro!


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