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Come take a tour of my happy and colorful craft room!

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Hi, my name is Jennifer and I’m a craft addict. I love sewing, knitting, crochet, DIY home decor, paper crafts and painting and I love to buy collect craft supplies even more. My craft room is my happy place and it’s packed full of colorful, creative storage ideas and inspiration.
Lately I’ve been having a really hard time keeping my craft room clean (which you’ve seen if you watch my Instastories), which tells me that I’m in need of some new storage solutions. I have some really fun ideas in the works, so before I change everything around, I thought I’d document the way it is now.
craft room
My craft room is a small 10’x13′ bedroom with one window and a closet. We completely gutted it down to the studs when we first moved into this house and it has evolved a lot since then. At first I first decorated it in black, white, pink and gold, but soon realized that I’m a color loving girl, and once the rainbow paper flowers went up, it felt so much more “me.”
craft room decor
I bought two black desks and put them end to end to create a giant work area. Honestly, it’s usually so covered in projects that I end up crafting on the floor. This is one of the things I need to address as I make changes to this space.
craft room organization
I am obsessed with all the cute decorative knobs at Hobby Lobby, so I bought all different kinds and replaced the metal knobs the desks came with. It’s one of my favorite little details.
I recently rearranged a few things in here and redid this bookcase with rainbow stripes.
I replaced my fabric armoire with a weathered wood cubby shelf from Walmart as I realized that the armoire just didn’t hold enough stuff and I needed more storage. That was a sad day because I loved that armoire. Don’t worry… I still have it. It’s in the family room and holds extra pillows and blankets now.
craft room furniture
The closet has a center tower with two built-in shelves above and I added inexpensive bookcases to each side of the tower to maximize storage space. I have a hodge podge of different storage boxes, but I tried to unify them by labeling all of them with chalkboard tags. I think it works. Plus it makes it so easy to change the labels if I need to change what I put inside.
craft room storage ideas
craft room tour

So what changes are coming?

I’ll definitely be keeping the same color palette. I love the colorful + black and white vibe way to much to give it up. But here are the problems I need to address:

  • Maximize every square inch. If I’m going to fit all of my supplies in this one little room, I’ve got to use the space more efficiently. That’s partly why it’s always messy. I just don’t have places to put everything! I’m researching storage options and have some fun ideas up my sleeve.
  • Create a “queue” area for new purchases and items needed for upcoming projects. I just need a temporary holding bin for stuff that’s waiting in line to be used.
  • Create a permanent photo staging area with a place for backdrops. I also need a better way to store the big, bulky umbrella lights I use for video.
  • Build narrow shelves to hold all of my craft paint.
  • De-junk as much as I’m willing. What can I say? I like my junk!
Want to tour some other amazing craft rooms? My friend Angie is hosting a week-long craft room tour featuring 24 different bloggers and their craft studios! You won’t want to miss all of the crafty goodness!


  1. I love your colorful room, and if you take a peek at my craft room, you will understand why! I am definitely a color lover and also a very visual person. My room may be just a tad smaller than yours, but I have all of my supplies in it. I always say it's a good thing this room is just steps away from the kitchen, or my hubby might never get fed…what can I say? I think your paper flowers are so much fun, and I hope to incorporate some into my space. Thanks so much for sharing!

    • Thank you so much Carol! I just went to your blog to find your craft room… LOVE IT! So colorful and fun. We are definitely kindred spirits. I am currently doing a major overhaul of my craft room and I'm pretty excited about the changes. I think it's going to be way more functional for me. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Could you try to hang the bulky, big umbrella lights from the ceiling? Maybe using hooks so they lay parallel to the ceiling…..can't wait to see your renovations!

  3. I love your creative space! Thanks for sharing. I received tons of inspiration!
    P.s. where did you get that personalized Heidi swapp print??


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