Crocheted Superhero Afghan

Every Thursday night, I get together with my besties and knit/crochet. Knitting night is my favorite night of the week! The only thing better than crafting is crafting with friends.

In the Fall, one of The Knitters told us that her 4 year old nephew had been diagnosed with leukemia. Such heartbreaking news! I can’t even imagine how hard it would be to watch such a little one suffer. Little Steele has been courageously fighting cancer since November.

We decided that Steele needed a special afghan to cheer him up and keep him warm and snuggly. He happens to love superheroes, so we ran with it. Each of The Knitters made one (or two) squares, then we crocheted them all together. Somehow we got all the hodge podge shapes to fit together. We used Vanna’s Choice yarn and lined the back with Superman flannel. The blanket is super warm and cheerful and Steele loves it, so mission accomplished!

And now for picture overload:


  1. My thoughts and prayers are going to out to "Super Steele" and his family.
    I lost my baby 4 months ago, so I can imagine (very little) some of what his mamma and daddy are going through, all that waiting and anxiety.
    If this little boy ever wants a super special post card from Australia to cheer him up, I would love to send one!


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