Disneyland Fun Book Free Printable

Disneyland is fun all on it’s own, but why not add even more excitement for your kiddos with a little Disneyland fun book?! There are a lot of times at Disneyland where you will find yourself waiting: waiting for a show to start, waiting for the parade, younger kids waiting for older kids to ride a ride. I came up with this book for my kids and it was so fun, especially while we waited for World of Color (which was totally awesome, by the way).


Here’s how you make your very own fun book:
1. Right-click on the images below to save them to your computer.
2. Send all the images to the photo lab to be printed in standard photo size (4×6 inches).
3. Buy a $1 photo album and insert the pages into the album.
4. Use a dry erase marker to write on the pages.















All photos in this post may be reproduced for personal use only. In other words, don’t sell my stuff. Thanks a bunch!

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  1. This is WONDERFUL! We're taking our (soon to be 7 year old) twins to the park for their birthday. This will definitely help make those long lines bearable! Thank you!


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