DIY Farmhouse Style Mason Jar Planter


Are you as obsessed with the show Fixer Upper as I am? I am a major farmhouse style lover! I also love having places to display flowers and greenery in my home, whether real or fake. Combine the two loves and you get this farmhouse style mason jar planter. I’ve been using it as a dining room table centerpiece and as tabletop decor in my entryway and it is just so darn cute.
To make your own farmhouse planter, you will need:

Materials Needed:

three 16oz mason jars
wood and chicken wire planter box
white chalk paint
metallic silver craft paint
gray craft paint
– foam brush

Start by painting the mason jars with the white chalk paint. It takes a couple of coats to get good coverage.

Paint the entire planter box with a coat of metallic silver paint. This may also take two coats to get complete coverage.

When the base coat of metallic paint is dry, dab small amounts of gray paint over the metallic paint using a paper towel. This gives the project that weathered metal look.


If you apply too much  gray paint, go over it again with more metallic. Continue layering paint until you have achieved a look you like.

When all of the paint is dry, your project is done and ready to go on display! Fill it with real or fake flowers, succulents or greenery. This is what I’ve put in mine so far:






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