DIY Rustic Wood Framed Sign with Free Silhouette Cut File!

Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a simple sign-making tutorial and free Silhouette cut file. This particular sign is for Thanksgiving, but the method can be used to make any sign you want.

I started with a wood-framed boxish thing I bought at a thrift store. (I’m sure that’s it’s technical name.)

Since I’m assuming you don’t have one of these sitting around, you can make one yourself. You can read tutorials HERE or HERE to help. Or I think you could make these pre-made trays from Amazon work:

Those same trays are available at Joann too.

Anyway, once you’ve got your wood sorted out, it’s time to make your sign!

Step 1: Tape off the border to protect the wood.
Step 2: Paint the background any color you like. I chose black.

Step 3: Cut out the design you want using your Silhouette machine. I cut mine from matte white vinyl that I got from Expressions Vinyl.

The free cut file I’ve created is for personal use only. CLICK HERE to download! If you have a different type of cutting machine or if you’d rather just print it on your home printer and frame it, here’s the design:

Step 4: Weed your design. That means get rid of the extra vinyl, leaving only the letters and border on the blue backing paper. This particular design is delicate, so go slowly and cut off the waste as you go, so you don’t end up sticking it back onto itself.

Step 5: Switch your design to transfer paper. If you are cheap like me, you can use contact paper. I rub my design with an old plastic gift card to help it stick.

Step 6: If you lay your transfer paper sticky side up, your image should look backwards.

Step 7: Carefully center your image onto the wood and rub, rub, rub with an old gift card. Slowly remove the transfer paper, using the gift card to push down any parts that start to pop up as you peel the paper away.

And that’s it! Enjoy your new custom sign!

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  1. What a great post! I have never tried this type of project before but we are remodeling our home and I'm hoping to get a tool for this type of project! Your photos of each step of the process were very helpful! Does this also work for adhering to glass?


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