Easy Boy’s Birthday Cake: The Dump Truck Cake

I am not much of a cake decorator. I love a lot of different crafts, I just haven’t picked that one up…yet. Haha. But I want my children to have memorable birthdays, so I try to find easy cakes that they will love. 
This year, my four year old is obsessed with construction equipment, so a dump truck cake was an obvious choice. And it was so easy! 

Here’s how I did it:

1. Bake a cake. Chocolate would be good since it looks like dirt, but you could make a vanilla cake and pretend it’s sand if you are crazy enough to dislike chocolate cake. Haha.
2. Get the toy dump truck from the dirt pile in the back yard and wash it. Scream when a spider comes crawling out of one of the little cracks in the bottom. Wash it again and worry the whole time that a spider with a vendetta is going to attack you for killing his friend.
3. Line the truck bed with plastic wrap. Cut the cake to be about the same length as the truck bed and save the extra piece you cut off.
4. Plop that cake into the truck bed! I froze my cake for 20 minutes beforehand to help it survive the movement.
5. Frost with chocolate frosting. Crumble up the extra cake piece and sprinkle on top of the frosting to make it look like dirt. Or you could use Oreo cookies.

Then all that’s left is to put in a few candles and sing Happy Birthday! My little guy thought this was the funniest cake ever. He kept telling people that we ate dirt for his birthday. Gotta love little boys.



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