Fabric and Felt Book Round Up

I love making fabric and felt books, especially as gifts to my favorite people. They are just so stinkin’ fun! Be warned, they are time consuming, but that’s part of what makes them such a special gift to give. Here’s a round-up of the books I’ve made in the past. Just click on the captions to see all the pages in each book.

Boyish Felt Name Book
Girly Felt Name Book
Another Felt Name Book
Felt Book of Favorites
Fabric Name Book
Fabric Quiet Book
Dexter’s Quiet Book


  1. I have been wanting to make a fabric book for my three month old baby girl and this post may actually give me the inspiration to find time to get it done instead of just thinking/planning/dreaming every time I see one on Pinterest while she is nursing!

  2. I actually just started a felt name book last week! A few of these came up in my Pinterest search. (Though I already followed your blog thanks to your awesome Pinterest tested feature.) These are just wonderful! You put so much love and effort in them. I'm really enjoying making mine so far, though my wonky sewing is distressing me a bit. Just hoping my friend and her almost 1 year old don't mind.


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