Free Printable 2020 Calendar

Enjoy this beautiful free printable 2020 calendar.

free printable 2020 calendar

Well, my friends, today marks the last blog post of the year. I am (hopefully) taking the rest of December off to spend time with my family. We are going to play games, make gingerbread houses, eat lots of delicious food, drive around to see the Christmas lights and go to all of the concerts and recitals and performances. I can’t wait!

But this last post of 2019 is a good one… it’s time to roll out this year’s edition of the free printable calendar! Woohoo!

This year’s calendar is all floral prints. Because I love them. And I hope you love them too!

I can’t wait to print mine out to display by my computer desk. It’s such a pretty calendar.

I like to print my calendar on 8.5 x 11″ cardstock. If you don’t have a printer at home, it’s easy and inexpensive to send the files to Office Depot. They can print the whole thing on cardstock for less than $8!

Download the free printable 2020 calendar pages here.

Click here for the 2022 version!

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free printable calendar 2020


    • Oh no! Please send me an email and I’ll see if I can troubleshoot with you to figure out the problem. jennifer @ thecraftpatchblog . com

  1. Dear Jennifer, thank you so very much for this wonderful calendar. I have just taken the time to print it out and will enjoy adding some zentangle art each day. The squares are a perfect size. Thank you thank you! Best wishes to you and your family now and in the coming year

  2. Thank you for the lovely calendar! I spent days searching for the best one for me online. Then lo and behold, I found yours in my inbox sent directly to me on 12/18/2019 by you. I guess things had gotten so busy over the holidays that I hadn’t opened a whole bunch of mail. Lucky for me that I finally got around to it. It is PERFECT!

  3. This is a really lovely free printable calendar. Thank you for creating and sharing this beauty! I am looking for a printable calendar in a horizontal view. Is this calendar available horizontally?

  4. When will the 2021 calendar be ready? I think these are lovely and would like to use them for my homeschool planning calendar.

    • I haven’t even started thinking about 2021, but if I decide to make another free calendar, it might be a while.


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