From Drab to Fab

I’m pretty sure that everyone has seen this diaper bag…

At least everyone who has had a baby since they changed the style recently. It’s the free diaper bag you get at the hospital. It is just the right size and I love the little side pockets. But can you say YAWN?! Boring and plain…not my style at all. Ahh…. that’s much better! A couple feet of ribbon and my trusty glue gun was all it took to give this bag some pizazz. And just so you know, yes, I have a baby boy and added pink to the diaper bag. I’m the one who carries it around, not him!


  1. Very cute! How did you change the color of the bag? Also, do you have a really large supply of ribbon or do you go buy it for your projects?

  2. The bag is still the same…I just took pictures of it in two different places and the lighting makes it look weird.

    As far as ribbon, I do have a moderate stash. Sometimes I buy ribbon by the yard if I need something specific, but mostly I stock up when I see it for a good price. This pink ribbon was 50 cents for the whole roll of something like 9 yards. It’s the classic tightwad technique—stockpile when you find it cheap!


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