High-Waters Transformed!

I was cleaning out a drawer the other day and found a pair of jeans I didn’t recognize. I don’t know if they are so old I just forgot about them or if someone gave them to me or what. But I tried them on and they fit perfectly… except that they were high-waters. Dang. So I decided to cut them off into shorts in hopes that warmer weather will come my way sooner rather than later. But what do I do with the denim I cut off? Hmm… I got to thinking…

I carefully cut up the side seams to open the fabric up. Then I laid one of my daughters already-made skirts on top to use as a pattern and cut the skirt shape, with the cute side seam running down the center of each skirt piece. I added a standard elastic waistband and tah-dah! A little girl’s denim skirt!

Yeah, there’s a little bit of fraying on the bottom hem where it rubbed on the ground by whoever owned these jeans before me. But have you been to the mall lately?

So there you go. What once was a pair of too-short jeans is now transformed into shorts for me and a skirt for my little gal.


  1. Oh my goodness, you have no idea how excited this tutorial makes me! I guess I'm kind of nerdy like that. I am off to check my hubby's old pants pile. *BIG grin*


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