Large, Cheap Wall Art

I’ve been on the hunt for large scale art to hang in my all-white apartment for a long time. Finally the right idea came to me.

This is just a yard of fabric ($3) stretched over a wooden frame that I (well, hubby) nailed together. Here are the basic instructions:

1. Decide on a size.
2. Go to Home Depot or Lowes to buy the wood. I got white MDF-type stuff because it was very cheap and the boards were straight. The cheapest pine wood was very crooked and wouldn’t have worked at all. I think I spent $3.50.
3. Have them cut it for you at the store. It’s free.
4. Bring it home and nail or glue the boards together into a rectangle. I would recommend using some kind of 90 degree angle clamp to get things together straight.
5. Wait until the glue is completely dry.
6. Iron fabric. Lay it flat on the ground and center the wooden frame on top.
7. Pull the fabric around tightly and staple into place with your staple gun. Fold the corners like you would wrap a present.
8. Hang it up and rejoice that you’ve added cheap chic art to the wall!


  1. Love it!!

    I converted John to fabric for all of his bulletin boards at school years (two decades) ago. You can use the same fabric year after year or change it throughout the year. It doesn't fade like butcher paper. It looks sooooo much better and instantly creates a different mood with so many designs. We bought $1 fabric and splurged with some not-so-cheap. When you only need a yard or two and it lasts for decades, it was worth the money.

  2. You can also use stretcher bars available at frame shops or in the painting/canvas section of Hobby Lobby. They fit snugly together without glue or any nails. It is a bit more expensive than making your own frames, but it's also a lot easier and you can make so many different sizes with all of the precut stretcher bars. 🙂


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