How To Be An Awesome Soccer Mom

This past Spring was the first time our family has jumped into the world of soccer. We signed our five and our eight-year-old up for the spring league, and it was such a great experience! I had no idea how to be a good soccer mom, but nothing like a little hands-on experience to teach me quickly! Now we are in the midst of Fall soccer, so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned so far…

1. Be prepared! Especially in our cold, northern climate, we have experienced every kind of weather: torrential downpours, blasting wind, and blazing heat. After one miserable game, I realized that you can’t just walk out the door to take your kid to a soccer game. You have got to pack like a boss! These are the things I bring to every soccer game:

– camp chairs
– blankets
– cold weather clothing (hats, gloves, coats)
– sunscreen/sunhat
– sunglasses
– toys/snacks to entertain younger children
– first aid kit
– drinks for everyone
– ponchos

2. Keep all that “stuff” in your trunk for the whole season. This is the most helpful tip I have. Instead of having to repack the above-mentioned crap twice a week, I just kept everything in the trunk. Then all I had to do was grab some cold drinks and I was good to go.

3. Practice with your kids at home. I try to send my kids out for at least a few minutes every day to kick the ball around. It has made such a difference. They are both becoming more confident in dribbling, shooting and passing and I have seen a lot of improvement over the course of the season.

4. Enter all those game times and practices into your phone. I am notoriously forgetful (especially when I’m in the middle of a craft project), so having my phone beep at me is the only way I can ensure I will get everyone where they need to be on time.

5. Team snacks are a huge deal! My kids are hungry every five seconds, so add a lot of running into the mix and they are starving by the end of a soccer game! The snack matters a lot, especially to my five year old. He was very excited when it was his turn to choose the snack. He wanted something cool and fun and I wanted something nutritious. Our compromise? Capri Sun Super V Fruit and Vegetable Drink!

I didn’t realize this, but Capri Sun now makes a 100% Juice* product and a fruit and vegetable juice drink too! How cool is that?! I tried the Capri Sun Super V* Fruit and Vegetable Juice Drink and loved it! All Capri Sun 100% Juice products contain no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. My kids think they are getting a tasty treat, but I’m sneaking wholesome fruits and vegetables into their diets. Win, win! Plus Capri Sun has a new super-cool package that includes a clear bottom so you can see inside. My kids were stoked about that one, as you can see…

And if you want to up the ante even more, try making a Capri Sun slushy! About two hours before game time (time may vary for you), stick all the pouches in the freezer. You want them to be partially frozen, not frozen solid. Then you just knead the bag a little and wha-la! Slushy! They are so stinkin’ delicious that you may need to sneak one for yourself.

6. Keep your camera handy during the games and enjoy the season! I have captured some priceless photos of my two kids that I will treasure forever. They have both increased in skill and confidence and found a new love. Soccer has been a new, busy, wonderful ride!

So excited to start her first game!
He scored a goal! Woot!


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