How To Make Decorative Ski Poles

I saw the cutest mini wooden ski poles at a boutique store in town. I loved them, but I didn’t love the price… they were $38! I knew I could make them for much cheaper. So I took a quick trip to the craft store and came up with my own version.

They took less than half an hour to make and cost about $3. Bam! I love when things work out like that!

Here’s how I made them:

I bought one 1/2 inch dowel and two of these wooden Christmas ornaments from Michaels:

Any wooden circles will do, I just liked how thick these were. If you can only find thin wooden circles, you could always glue several of them together to make them look thicker.

First I cut the dowel in half to make two poles. Then I sanded the tips of the ski poles with my electric sander to give them little points.

I used a 1/2 inch drill bit and drilled a hole in the center of each ornament. Then I slid the dowel through the hole and used hot glue to secure it in place. I didn’t bother sanding off the words on the ornaments. I just made sure that side was facing down. But if it bugs you, I think they would sand off fairly easily.

Then I tied the two poles together using a bit of twine and they were done! Do you love them? I sure do. I’m using them on my front porch, but I think they’d be really cute on a Christmas tree too.



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