Small Bedroom Laundry Storage Benches

We have a small master bedroom and one of our biggest storage problems has been where to put laundry hampers. For the past few years, they’ve just been placed willy nilly at the foot of our bed like this:

small bedroom storage solutions

GAH! So ugly!

And it has been driving me crazy.

Recently Wayfair challenged me to come up with a clever storage solution for a room in my house and with my ugly laundry hamper problem in mind, I went browsing on their site for some kind of pretty laundry sorter.

I was so excited when I found some cute laundry hamper benches. I measured and realized that three benches pushed together would fit perfectly at the foot of our bed.

Here’s my storage solution:

laundry hamper cabinets

Isn’t it so much better than mismatched laundry baskets overflowing with dirty clothes?

I love that my laundry is now hidden away and that there are three bins so we can sort our laundry right away into whites, darks and towels. Each cabinet has a removable fabric bin that lifts right out so I can easily carry them to the laundry room.

It’s also really great that we have a place to sit while we put on our shoes or what not. That was a bonus I hadn’t realized I would love as much as I do.


laundry hamper bench

The hampers required some assembly, but I was able to build them without help and they didn’t take long. If you’ve built furniture before, it’s pretty standard construction of cam locks and a few screws. The only tool you need is a screwdriver.

laundry sorter footboard bench

I am so glad to have finally come up with a solution for this problem area of our home. Before I was literally airing my dirty laundry to everyone (ha!) and now it’s tucked neatly away. If you have a small bedroom too, Wayfair has several different styles and sizes of laundry hamper cabinets available, so I’m sure you can find the perfect solution for your space.

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small bedroom laundry storage solutionThis post was sponsored by Wayfair.


  1. What a cute idea. I really like how you can’t see the laundry and it’s the prettiest hamper for laundry. We have a small bedroom too and this would be perfect.

  2. Perfection! Hmmm… I’ve been wanting a bench @ for foot our bed for a while. I love the dual purpose & eliminating the huge hampers. It would force us to keep up with our laundry rotation a bit better. That equals less times hubs tries to cram it all in a single load that gets nothing as clean as it should, lol! What size is your bed?

    • We just bought a platform bed frame with 18 inches of space underneath. Maybe you could do something like that and put your hamper under the bed? Long bedskirt and no one would ever know.


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