Magnetic Cookie Sheet Toy for Kids

Turn a dollar store cookie sheet into a fun DIY toy that promotes creative play.

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I’m always looking for screen-free activities to keep my kids entertained. I was wandering the aisle of Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago and saw all of these super fun wooden shapes and thought it would be so cool to make some kind of toy out of them. So I picked up a few packs and came home to brainstorm. I pulled out a cookie sheet from the dollar store and the idea hit. The kids needed magnetic scene boards so they could use the shapes to play!
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It was really simple to do. I just hot glued a magnet to the back of each of the shapes.
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Then I had my kids draw landscape backgrounds that coordinated with each of the wooden shape sets. We taped the corners of the drawings to the cookie sheet and voila! A simple toy that promotes creative play!
They drew a hillside for the knight and his castle,


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a starry sky for the astronaut,


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a forest for the woodland animals,


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and my favorite, an ocean for the mermaid and her sea creature friends.
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