Mothers Day Handprint Apron

Easily turn a blank apron into a darling sentimental gift for Mom this Mothers Day using heat transfer vinyl and fabric paint.

diy mothers day gift ideas
Mothers Day is right around the corner and I know from experience that the best gifts are from the heart. Preserve those precious handprints forever with this easy Mother’s Day gift idea.
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Materials Needed

Step 1: Measure your child’s hand from wrist to fingertips. In Silhouette Studio, add two of the letter “M” in any font you’d like. Make them about the same size as your child’s hand.

Step 2: Cut the letters out. Remember to load the heat transfer vinyl into the machine shiny side down and don’t forget to mirror image before cutting!

silhouette cameo project ideas
Step 3: Weed the excess vinyl, leaving only the two letters on the clear backing paper. Cut the two letters apart.


heat transfer vinyl craft
Step 4. Paint your child’s hand with fabric paint and press their handprint into the center of the apron. I suggest measuring before-hand so you know right where you want it to be.


handprint crafts
Step 5. After the paint is dry, place one letter “M” on each side of the handprint to spell the word mom. Iron the letters into place by applying medium pressure at 305 °F for 10-15 seconds. Remove the clear backing paper.


mother's day handprint crafts
Step 6. Embellish your apron with trim, ribbon, more heat transfer vinyl or fabric paint. It’s your craft, so be creative!


gifts for mother's day
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