Name Brand vs. Store Brand Cleaning Supplies

Today I wanted to share an easy way to save money shopping. It’s super simple… are you ready?

Instead of reaching for the name brand products you recognize from commercials, try using a store brand. I recently went to Target and purchased a bunch of cleaning supplies that I was running low on.

Would you be surprised if I told you that the up & up brand (Target’s store brand) cost about half of what the name brands would have? I knew they would save me money, but I didn’t realize it would be that much!

One perk about the up & up brand is that things go on sale often, unlike products at WalMart. Today Target happened to have a Buy-Three-Get-One-Free deal on cleaning supplies. Sweet! 

Here’s the breakdown of costs between the name brand products and the up & up equivalent:

I like the up & up brand. Everything I’ve tried works well and I sure love a good deal.

At our house, we get a lot of clogged drains. I blame old pipes and the fact that I shed. Like a maniac. I wasn’t sure how Target’s drain pipe opener would work, but it pretty much obliterated those dang hairballs. It was super thick, so it coated the drains and cut through the water. And it was so much cheaper than the name brand! My tub drains so much faster now. Hallelujah!

I don’t know why, but one job my kids actually enjoy doing is walking around the house and disinfecting all the doorknobs and light switches. up & up brand wipes are so convenient because the kids don’t have to spray any cleaners. I have them do this job about once a month and after someone in the family has been sick. Look at my cute little man so happy to be cleaning:

I’ll take it! Now if I could just get him to be this excited about picking up Legos.

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  1. I love the up & up diapers! I choose them over huggies, and pampers! I find pampers to get super wet feeling and squishy. Huggies are my second choice, but the up &ups are more absorbent than other diapers! I have even gone up a size for an overnight diaper rather than buying diapers specifically for overnights! 🙂 and most of the time when I buy them, if I buy the big box, and get 2 of them, I get a $10.00 gift card back! And if you download the target app on your smartphone or tablet, you can get digital coupons for your favorite up & up items!

  2. I love their unscented baby wipes. Such a good price, and they get the job done and never rip. I like that they are thin and a tiny bit stretchy. I also love their diapers (as good as any other brand in my opinion, and way cheaper) and their oxiclean type powder is a miracle worker and much cheaper than the name brand. I also like their oilless face lotion.

    • Thank you for posting this! I love cleani/disinfecting wipes, but feel like I am doing double cleaning because I need to clean the harsh smell after sanitizing. I can't wait to try the up & up disinfecting wipes now!

  3. I only get to Target every couple of months (!), so when I'm there, I stock up on my favorite up & up products, including plastic wrap and flex-fit trash bags in the kitchen, as well as health & beauty products like their antiseptic mouth rinse and cotton swabs.

  4. Hi Jennifer, I totally agree, the store brand products are good quality ! Love the Target disinfecting wipes. (in my car, in my kitchen…)
    Thanks for the giveaway 😉
    My email is redaurelie(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. I haven't tried any of the Up & Up products yet as there isn't a Target store that is convenient for me, but I think I'm going to try to find the time to drive to the nearest one and check out the cleaning products especially the paper towels.

  6. I've never tried them, so no favs! BUT, I would really like to try the up&up Women's Gummy MultiVitamin – 70 Count if it is vegetarian! Great price!
    14earth at gmail dot com


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