Painted Monstera Leaf Summer Wreath

Make a colorful summer wreath out of painted faux monstera leaves.

diy summer wreath

It’s summer and I’m so happy! I finally retired my farmhouse metal tire wreath (for a while at least… it’ll probably come back out again soon) so I decided to head to the store to look for inspiration for a new summer wreath. I found these faux monstera leaves at Walmart of all places and was instantly inspired.

Let me walk you through exactly how I made this wreath so you can make one too. It was such a quick and painless project and I love how it turned out.

You’ll need the following supplies:

diy monstera leaf wreath supplies needed

Supplies Needed

  • Faux Monstera Leaves (from Walmart— 6 for only $0.97!)
  • Wreath Form 
  • Ribbon 
  • Spray Paint (Turquoise is Krylon, Coral is Rustoleum, other colors are COLORSHOT Spray Paint)
  • Hot Glue

Step 1: Cut the leaves apart. I used wire snips, but sturdy scissors work too.

Step 2: Spray paint the leaves. The key to a good spray paint job is to do several light layers. It’s tempting to glop it on there, but be patient. Light layers turn out better. Just trust me– I’m a spray paint addict– I know these things. LOL.

spray painting silk leaves

Aren’t the leaves pretty? I am heading back to my Walmart to buy alllllllll the monstera leaves to paint. They’re just so fun!

colorful monstera leaves

Step 3: Wrap the wreath form with the ribbon of your choice. The key to a smooth finish is to pull the ribbon tight as you wrap. Secure the ends with hot glue.

ribbon wrapped wreath form

Step 4: Arrange the leaves, then once you’re happy with the placement, attach them with hot glue.

Here’s how my wreath looks on my front door:

diy summer front porch

I love it! It’s tropical and bright and perfect to leave up all summer long. 

And now I’m scheming up more projects to use these leaves for. What would YOU make with them?

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monstera leaf DIY wreath



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