Painted Recycled Rubber Door Mat And Your Opinion Needed

Hi friends! I’ve got a quick and easy project for you today. Look at this lovely recycled rubber door mat I painted this morning:

I’ve had this plain black mat for years and it’s always just been ho-hum:

But if you’ve had a mat like this you’ll know that they are super sturdy and pretty much last forever.

Today the idea came to me to paint it. I had no idea if it would work, but I grabbed my box of acrylic paints and went to town anyway. Guess what? It totally worked!

If you want to paint your own mat, here’s how:

1. Wash the mat really well and let it dry.
2. Following the raised design in your mat, paint with acrylic paint and a small paint brush.

3. Spray the whole thing with a clear protective spray paint. I used this:

4. Wait one week before letting people step on it. You don’t want your pretty paint job getting ruined because the paint hasn’t had time to harden!

Now comes the part where I need your opinion. This is a picture of our front porch:

The brightly colored planters and happy azaleas do a lot to distract you from some of the unsightly things going on here. But I’ve definitely got work to do! I’m going to make or buy new house numbers and paint the porch light. But I can’t decide on a color for the front door and the storm door frame. What color would you paint the door?

Here’s a more zoomed-out picture of the house if that helps:

We plan to paint all of the brown parts of the house to match the creamy tan. We also plan to replace the brown roof with a charcoal gray roof eventually. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  1. I totally think you should do the same teal that the accents are painted, but maybe do a slightly darker teal on the trim? Or do the actual door the light teal & your storm door a little darker teal. That would probably make a nice pop 🙂

  2. Your door mat is cute but am I the only one that thinks it is too small for the space? You obviously like teal but I was thinking yellow would pop with the teal you have. Not being critical to hurt your feelings just an observation since you did ask for opinions.

    • Hi Faye, thanks for the suggestions! I have since redone my front door area and it’s looking much better! You can see a picture on my Instagram account @thecraftpatch.

  3. It looks fabulous!! Do you happen to know where your screen door came from? It’s exactly what I have been looking for.

  4. Get rid of the ugly dated metal on the storm door first!! A nice all glass storm door would improve that entrance tremendously! I have a two panel glass storm door where the top pulls down and is screened, so bugs stay out, but you can talk securely. Highly recommend and lets the beauty of the door itself show through.


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