Botanical Photo Grid

If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember seeing a giant stack of picture frames I bought on super clearance a few weeks ago. They were half off the clearance price at Walmart, so each 11×14 frame was only $2.50! That many matching frames for so cheap are a rare find, so I bought 16.
Then I gave you this little sneak peek last week:
I had to use Command Strips to hang these pictures. The bump out they hang on is where the chimney comes up from downstairs, so behind the sheetrock is cement block. Nails wouldn’t work, so Command Strips to the rescue!
The frames didn’t sit empty for long. I found an amazing set of free botanical prints from A Daily Something. She had 12 prints available, so I used them all, plus repeated three types of plants with new pictures that I added over the old ones in Photoshop so that I could fill all 15 frames on the wall.
When I hung the last frame and stood back, I squealed in delight:

I am in love with my new artwork! I think it looks like something out of a magazine! It is a huge focal point in the room.

Here’s the cost breakdown for this project:

Frames: $37.50
Command Strips: $12
Prints (Sent to Office Max): $2.50
TOTAL: $52

I think it’s a sweet deal considering how large the finished product is and how much of an impact it has in the space.

Just to remind you where this room started, here’s a photo we took when we first came to look at the house. That’s our realtor scampering out of the way:

It is so much lighter, brighter and cheerier now! We still need to add crown moulding and baseboards, but our plan is to get to that as soon as we are done in the craft room.



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