Pinterest Tested: Fixing Crumbled Makeup

Welcome to Pinterest Tested! Ever wonder if that miracle cleaner is really miraculous? Or what about that homemade facial cleanser or delicious-looking recipe? This is the place to find out! Each Monday I am testing Pins that catch my eye to see if they really live up to the claims made on Pinterest. It’s like the Mythbusters of Domesticity! 
I can’t tell you how many compacts I have dropped and had all the makeup break into a million pieces. It’s always a sad day…makeup is expensive and I hate replacing it just because I’m a doofus with butterfingers. I saw this Pin and was excited to try it on a compact I had broken just a few days before. It was like fate! Ha ha. 
Here is the sad state of my makeup before:

All you need is some regular isopropyl alcohol and something to stir it with. I used a popsicle stick.

First you crush the makeup into a fine powder. Then add alcohol to the makeup until you can get it to a smooth, spreadable consistency. Think peanut butter.

Mine looked a little clumpy in this picture, so I added a little more alcohol after I took the picture.

Then you smooth it out the best you can:

Leave it overnight or until it’s completely dry.

 It isn’t as pretty as a new compact, but do I really care about that? Nope! All that crumbled makeup is usable again!

It totally worked! My shiny nose is very happy with this discovery. Now I’m off to fix a few eyeshadows that are in the same bad way. Hurray for a Pin Win!

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  1. After smoothing everything out try pressing on the mixture with a paper towel until it starts to come away dry. I've always done it this way and get nice smooth compacts every time 🙂


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