A New Look

I know I’ve been changing the look of The Craft Patch way too often lately. It’s because I haven’t loved anything I’ve come up with. Until now.

When I originally named The Craft Patch, I envisioned a little garden spot where craft supplies grew on trees. A lovely little place devoted to all my projects. A place for good ideas to grow. I finally had some inspiration and drew up a graphic that represents the original idea behind the name.

I love the vintage vibe, the mother and daughter together and the hidden craft supplies growing on the tree. I finally found something that represents ME.  I am quite tickled and I think this new look is going to stay around for a good long while.


  1. You are so talented! I love your blog. You have the best ideas, and the pins you test are the kinds of things I wonder about and don't get around to trying! Thank you!


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