Pinterest Tested: Homemade Pore Strips

Welcome to Pinterest Tested! Ever wonder if that miracle cleaner is really miraculous? Or what about that homemade facial cleanser or delicious-looking recipe? This is the place to find out! I am testing Pins that catch my eye to see if they really live up to the claims made on Pinterest. It’s like the Mythbusters of Domesticity!

Today I’m testing a recipe for homemade Biore strips. Why? Because when it comes to skin, I’m afraid I am at the shallow end of the gene pool (virtual high five to anyone who knows what movie that’s from). Besides, who doesn’t want smoother, nicer skin just in time for holiday parties?!
This is the original PIN from Petit Elephant. It only takes two ingredients! So here’s a before shot of my not-so-dreamy skin:

To make the magic concoction, you mix 1 TABLESPOON KNOX UNFLAVORED GELATIN with 1 1/2-2 TABLESPOONS MILK and microwave it for 10-15 seconds. Yep, only two ingredients! I mixed mine in a plastic cup using a popsicle stick and I’m glad I did. The stuff hardens up and would be a pain to get out of a normal cup.

Then comes the interesting part. You have to hurry and spread the stuff all over your face. It hardens quickly. Really quickly. And by the way, I am really excited to be sharing such flattering pictures of myself. Oh, the things I do for the sake of science.

Next you wait about 20 minutes until the goo has hardened and your face feels like it is going to break apart every time you move. Then you get to peel off all the stuff and reveal silky smooth skin underneath.

Looking like a zombie.

The part that I wasn’t expecting was that peeling off the mask HURT like crazy! Ouch!

But here I am after all the pain. I do not recommend putting this on your neck. See how red mine is?

So now for the verdict: my face does feel softer, but seriously…that hurt. A lot! For me that means that this test was just okay.


  1. Oh my gosh, I just spent the last 20 minutes looking at all your past Pinterest Tests… love it! They are awesome! I'm always wondering if all these things I pin really do work 😉

  2. I've tried this one too…it did hurt a little but what got me was the SMELL! Gelatin & milk stink so bad together I could hardly stand to keep it on while it dried! Thanks for testing!


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