Easy Crochet Side Button Scarf

Crochet is a relatively new creative outlet for me. I started crocheting regularly less than six months ago, but I have fallen in love. It is such a relaxing hobby. I love that if I mess up, I can just pull the yarn out and start over without having ruined or wasted anything. I am excited to be adding crochet to my gift-giving repertoire this Christmas. This is my first finished handmade gift of the year:

 It’s a simple scarf that buttons up the side. I love how modern and chunky it looks. And I made up the pattern for it! It was really simple.

I used Lion Brand super bulky weight yarn and a size N hook. The whole project is double crochet stitches, but to give it the different raised parts, I only stitched through the back loop. I think it was 15 or 16 DC across. Here’s the scarf laying flat so you get an idea of what it looks like:

Then all I did was sew four wooden buttons onto one side so that it stays together when you cross it. Such a simple project for a beginner like me but I love the finished product. A thick, squishy scarf to keep my sister-in-law warm in style this winter.


  1. Hi! I'm a little confused. Did you alternate between normal DCs and stitching only through the back loop? Or did you stitch only through the back loop for the entire time? If you alternated, was it like every 2 rows? Thanks :).


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