Polka Dot Dress

Can I just say that I love sewing for my little girl? She needed another dress for church (is it just me or do they grow out of everything at the same time?!) so I pulled out this polka dot fabric left over from another project.

I made up the pattern and I’ll admit this whole project gave me a headache. I sewed and unpicked the dang bodice at least five times before I figured out how to make it work. Errr! But it’s done now and I’m happy with it.

The Front. What a drama queen. haha. The skirt is very full, which I LOVE. Little girls look so cute in full, fluffy skirts.

The Back. Gotta love bows!

Front Detail. I saved the rhinestone buckle from another shirt I took apart to make something else out of. I knew it would be perfect for this dress.

So that’s it. I love how it has a flirty forties, glam girl feel to it. And I LOVE black, white and pink together. I wish I had one too!


  1. OH my!! It's perfect, I am so jealous I wish I knew how to sew clothes like that or at all! I am like obsessed with polka dots so I am really drooling over this dress! It's so flawless! I need to find some old lady in my ward to teach me how to sew…


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