Santa’s Laundry DIY Christmas Wreath

I’ve had a really fun DIY Christmas wreath idea stuck in my head for months now and I’m so excited that it’s now officially the Christmas season so I can share it with you.
(drum roll, please)
“Santa’s Laundry” wreath. It’s laundry day at the North Pole and Santa hung all of his clothes out on the line to dry!


See his shirt, hat, mittens and even his underwear (giggle giggle)? And that’s a tiny little scarf knit with baker’s twine. Oh, yes… I was crazy enough to knit it using teeny tiny knitting needles. Because doggone… everything is cuter in miniature!
Do you love it? I love it. It was just what I had in mind and I can’t wait to hang it on my front door.
Want to make one too? Here’s what you’ll need (some affiliate links included):
– Fabric strips (five or six 3″x45″ strips)
– Red and White Felt
– Straight Pins
– Coordinating Ribbon
Begin by attaching one end of a fabric strip to the wreath with straight pins. Tightly wrap the fabric around the wreath form and overlap the ends as you add new strips of fabric.


Next, string two strands of baker’s twine around the wreath. This will be your “clothesline.”
Now comes the fun part… making Santa’s clothes! I free-hand cut everything out of felt, but if you’re unsure about that, try drawing the shape onto a piece of paper, then using it as a pattern.
Here’s a close-up of the little scarf I knit.


A tiny elf scarf knitted using baker's twine.
After you’ve made all of Santa’s clothes, use the mini clothespins to attach them to the baker’s twine and add ribbon for hanging and a bow to the of the wreath.

I love that this wreath is whimsical and a bit cheeky, but still pretty and festive.

Happy crafting!



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