Saving Money on Dryer Sheets

I’ve got a super simple tip to share today. It will cut the cost of your dryer sheets in half and takes maybe two minutes. Ready for it?

Yep! Two minutes with a pair of scissors and you have twice as many dryer sheets for the same price. And I haven’t noticed a difference in my laundry at all.

And why stop with dryer sheets? Do you use those little cotton discs pre-loaded with face wash? Cut them in half and you instantly have twice as many for the same price! You could halve cotton balls, q-tips, paper towels… whatever floats your boat.

What do you cut in half? Anybody out there as crazy as me?


  1. I only use a third or half of the recommended powdered laundry soap scoop and my clothes (including 3 small dirty boys) wash up just fine. I do pre wash stains (such as rinsing out a poo onesie and spaying it with spray n wash) and I use a small portion of oxyclean on my whites. Been doing it for years.

  2. I have gotten lazy about using my fabric softener at all (I made my own and it needs to be shaken). I often skip it, and honestly I can't tell the difference! I made a similar laundry soap as the Zote recipe. Also, it works great as a pre-soaking agent. Use enough water to cover the items and about a tablespoon of soap – ta da – stain free!


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