Saving Money on Dryer Sheets

I’ve got a super simple tip to share today. It will cut the cost of your dryer sheets in half and takes maybe two minutes. Ready for it?

Yep! Two minutes with a pair of scissors and you have twice as many dryer sheets for the same price. And I haven’t noticed a difference in my laundry at all.

And why stop with dryer sheets? Do you use those little cotton discs pre-loaded with face wash? Cut them in half and you instantly have twice as many for the same price! You could halve cotton balls, q-tips, paper towels… whatever floats your boat.

What do you cut in half? Anybody out there as crazy as me?


  1. I only use a third or half of the recommended powdered laundry soap scoop and my clothes (including 3 small dirty boys) wash up just fine. I do pre wash stains (such as rinsing out a poo onesie and spaying it with spray n wash) and I use a small portion of oxyclean on my whites. Been doing it for years.

  2. I have gotten lazy about using my fabric softener at all (I made my own and it needs to be shaken). I often skip it, and honestly I can't tell the difference! I made a similar laundry soap as the Zote recipe. Also, it works great as a pre-soaking agent. Use enough water to cover the items and about a tablespoon of soap – ta da – stain free!

  3. I stopped using them years ago because they all make me break out. I use wool dryer balls with a couple drops of essential oils now..

  4. I only use paper towels; never use dish towels so after drying the dishes with the paper towels, I lay them out to dry then reuse them to clean with

  5. Don’t throw out those old sponges. Once not longer doing their job just cut into small pieces and place them into your plants or garden. They will hold water a little longer between watering


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