Small Victories

Life’s been rough in the DIY department the last couple of days (read about some of the drama on Instagram). I’ve got a project sitting in my driveway that looks like crud. It involves something very large and very gold. And it looks like absolute garbage right now.

So I am stepping away from it for a few days. I’ve got to reconsider some things and come up with a plan.

In the mean time, I’ll take the little victories.

My friend (hi Sharon!) gave me this ceramic owl:

I painted it gold.

It worked out just like I had hoped.

After the week I’ve had, I’ll take it!!


  1. The owl looks great!

    I had a similar sheen problems working on some nightstands last week. I was using PolyShades (a tinted poly) to darken them, and had terrible luck with it. It worked a little better with a rag than a brush, but even then the sheen streaked between matte & glossy. I used some of that wipe-on poly & it helped hide it a little more, good enough. Paint or stain would have been so much easier than the tinted stuff! Hope their suggestions work for you.


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