Stylish Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Back-To-School

It’s that time of year again. I love back-to-school! The weather starts cooling off, the kids get excited to make new friends and learn new things, we get back into a normal routine and we get to buy school supplies. Yay!

With so much attention on getting the kids ready for the school year, it can be easy to overlook what you, as a parent, need for this big change. At my house, I prepare for the upcoming school year by getting organized. It keeps me sane! Backpacks, lunch boxes, jackets, flyers and homework all need a place. Today I thought I’d share stylish and practical ways to get your home organized and ready for the new school year.

The first thing you need is a backpack/jacket/shoe drop zone. The hurricane of “stuff” that comes in the door with my kids after school stresses me out! My life is better when I have a good system for dealing with it.

If you’re lucky, you have a gorgeous mudroom with built-in lockers for each child.


If you’re like the rest of us, something like these would really help keep things corralled:

Slater Mill Hall Tree

Nantucket Hall Tree

This two-piece style is still very functional. Love the shoe cubbies!

Brennan 2-Piece Hall Tree

Or you could use actual lockers:

Premium Steel Lockers

Once you’ve gotten backpacks, jackets and shoes organized, there’s the endless stream of papers the kids bring home each day. Here are some cute ways to keep a handle on the clutter:

Utility 2’x3′ Message Chalkboard

I love this chalkboard paper sorter. Each child could have a slot with room to spare and you could write to-do lists or reminders on the chalkboard. Plus the vintage industrial style is swoon-worthy.

Metal Mail Organizer

This mail organizer would be great for school papers or homework. Each kid could have their own slot!

I also found these hexagon magnetic whiteboards:

Hexagon Dry Erase Board

Wouldn’t it be cute to hang a grouping of them, one for each family member? Then you could write messages, reminders or to-do lists for each person!

What are you doing for you to be ready for back-to-school?

This post is brought to you by as part of the Wayfair Homemakers Program. I was compensated for writing this post, but the subject and all the eye candy is of my own choosing.


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