St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate Covered Wafer Cookies

I’ve got a fun holiday-themed treat for you today. Have you ever tried chocolate covered wafer cookies? Oh, man! They are such an easy treat to make but they taste amazing! It’s crazy how adding a coating of chocolate really elevates a simple wafer cookie!

These easy treats are festive, colorful and delicious!

I decided to make St. Patrick’s Day treats and knew that these chocolate covered wafers would be festive, fun, easy and delicious.
Want to make some too? Here’s how!
Ingredients: (This post may contain affiliate links)
– 1 package sugar wafers
– 1 package green melting chocolate (I bought mine from
– sprinkles
Green melting chocolate, vanilla wafer cookies and sprinkles
Place the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Heat for 30 seconds, then stir. Repeat until chocolate is completely melted and smooth.
Here’s a really helpful tip for working with melting chocolate. Warm up a rice bag or heating pad and rest your chocolate bowl on top. This will keep your chocolate warm for a long time so you won’t have to stop dipping to heat it back up!

Use a heating pad to keep chocolate melted longer!

I was able to dip all of my wafers without heating my chocolate back up. If you’ve ever worked with chocolate before, you’ll know how amazing that is!
I tried several methods for covering my wafer cookies, but my favorite was actually just spreading the chocolate on the cookies like frosting. Since the wafers are delicate, this seemed the easiest to me than dipping straight into the bowl.
How to make these easy, delicious treats for St. Patrick's Day

Add sprinkles immediately before the chocolate hardens.

And that’s it! A festive treat that tastes great and is easy to make! I’m thinking I need to make these for every holiday!

Green Melting Chocolate Cookies for St. Patrick's Day


These store-bought cookies are elevated by dipping chocolate
If you don’t want to dip the entire wafer, you can do just one end, like this:
Easy cookies for parties and holidays

The rainbow colored sprinkles are my favorite. How about you?

Chocolate covered wafer cookies with sprinkles are festive and easy to make!


  1. Thanks for the quick and easy idea. Will file this one away…they look so pretty too. I have a tradition with my nephew at Christmas, we make candy or cookies for him to share with friends at church and school but this year we broke our tradition (one very sad little boy (and me too). Your cookies gave me another idea…how about cookies for Easter! Thank you for this easy and inexpensive idea and for helping us to start a now tradition. Is is so difficult when you move away from family. Happy St. Patrick's Day.


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