Free Printable Sticker Advent Calendar

This free printable DIY advent calendar includes a blank gingerbread village scene and coordinating stickers to add each day leading up to Christmas.

free printable advent calendar

The anticipation of Christmas is as much fun as Christmas itself, amiright?! My kids are crazy about stickers, so I thought it would be fun to make a sticker advent calendar for them for Christmas. I love how it turned out so much.

sticker scene advent calendar

There’s a big 11″x17″ blank gingerbread village scene and two sheets of stickers.. Each day in December my kids find the correct sticker for that date, peel it off the paper and place it on the scene. They get to add windows and doors to the houses, a Christmas tree, gingerbread people, snowmen and lots of other cute little details. It is SO MUCH FUN!

And thanks to my partners at, I’m offering the files as a free download so you can easily make one too.

For this project, you’ll need sticker paper. I recommend this Matte White Sticker Paper. It’s easy to work with, a good value and it ships right to your door. And you can buy it in bulk or a few sheets at a time.


Step 1: Print the background scene. I can’t print as large as 11″x17″ at home, so I sent the background scene to the print shop and had them print it on 110lb white cardstock. It cost a whopping $0.78 and was ready for pickup in an hour. Easy peasy!

Step 2: Load two pieces of sticker paper into your printer. Make sure they’re facing the correct way. In my printer, the right side goes down, but each printer is different and usually has an icon or instructions somewhere for how to load paper correctly.

Step 3: Open the two sticker pages in Silhouette Studio. Make sure the registration marks are showing but the hatch mark areas aren’t overlapping any of the printed designs. Print out both of the sticker pages and make sure you set your printer on quality printing mode.

Step 4: Attach a printed sticker page design side up to a cutting mat and feed it into your Silhouette machine.

Step 5: Adjust cut settings. I got the cleanest cut when I used the “Sticker Paper, White” preset and then adjusted the blade depth to 3.

Step 6: Hit SEND and watch your Silhouette machine cut out your Christmas stickers! Repeat for the second page.

diy sticker christmas advent calendar

And that’s it! I think this may be the quickest, easiest advent calendar I’ve ever made, but I let my six year old put all the stickers on one so I could film a video and she was in heaven. I feel like I’m winning at this whole mom gig!

DIY Sticker Advent Calendar Video




Download the free printable files here.


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sticker christmas advent calendar

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