A Sweet Deal: Three Ways to Repurpose A Photo Clutch

I was browsing through Joann’s Christmas clearance aisle yesterday and stumbled upon these babies:Because everything was 90% off, these cute photo clutches were only $1.49! My store had this purple/pink color and black too.

Don’t need to carry photos around? Here are three creative ways to repurpose your sweet deal photo clutch:

1. A receipt organizer. My purse is always a mess of crumpled receipts. When I need to find a receipt, it would be so nice to open up this cute book and flip to a specific receipt that was all nicely tucked away.

2. An on-the-go quiet book. Then you’d always have something to entertain the kids when you’re waiting at the doctor’s office or the grocery store. Just include a dry-erase marker and the possibilities are endless: tic-tac-toe, matching, practicing letters, the Dot game…

3. A home décor reference book. Have you ever seen something at the store or hesitated to jump on a good deal because you weren’t sure it would match your wall color or the fabric on your couch? If you compiled a little book with fabric samples and paint chips and kept it in your purse, you would never have to wonder again! You could just flip open to the right page and see if it would match the rest of your room.

Well, what are you waiting for? Run to your local Joann’s and see if they still have these photo clutches in their clearance aisle!



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