The Glorious Fabric Storage Armoire

Hi! The craft room is not quite done yet, but I couldn’t help myself… I’ve started moving stuff in there. I’m just too stinkin’ excited!
Today I’m going to show you how I decided to store all of my fabric. I am a fabric hoarder. I know it and I don’t care. So having a really functional way to store all of it is important to me. 
A few years ago, I bought this solid wood armoire at a yard sale for $5:
Gosh, I still get giddy thinking about it. That was one heck of a deal!
I gave it a makeover and it held our old school boxy TV for several years:
That TV died and we finally came around to this decade and got a flat screen. I created a media console for the flat screen from junk I found in the garage and was left with a gorgeous, empty armoire to use somewhere else.
So of course I wanted to put it in my craft room:

Look at this, friends:

Doesn’t it just fill your heart up with joy to see all of that fabric stacked so neatly and divided by color?!

All I did to change this armoire’s purpose was add a second shelf inside and paint the insides of the doors with chalkboard paint.

The shelves are for large pieces of fabric, 1 yard + and the drawers hold all of my scraps and smaller fabric pieces:

Gah! I am over the moon!!

I love you, fabric storage armoire!! So hard!


  1. I am so jealous! $5?! How is that even possible? They basically gave it away! You've turned it into a gorgeous piece of furniture. I love your organization skills! Can't wait to see he full craft room. =D

  2. I remember when you got and posted about that armoire! What a wonderful new use for it! And…when you close the doors, no distraction or clutter! Too bad it doesn't have a pull out or fold down desk top to set the fabrics on as you are getting something off one of the shelves. I can not wait to see the full reveal! You are always do creative!

  3. This turned out amazing! I just discovered your blog and it is my new favorite! What kind of paint did you use to refinish this…all the furniture you refinish turns out with a perfect finish.


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