The Sad Tale of the Half-Finished Armoire

Last summer I found this big beautiful armoire at a yard sale for $5. I know, seriously. It was one of those get-out-of-sight-of-the-seller-then-squeal-like-a-crazy-chick moments.

I started out strong…removed the hardware, ripped off the outdated trim pieces along each side, patched up all the dings and holes, and primed the whole thing.

Then winter hit. And it has been way too cold to do any painting. So all winter this poor armoire has been sitting in my living room like this:

Doesn’t it look so much better already, even in it’s half-finished state? I was originally going to paint it aqua blue, but I have fallen in love with the white primer and I think I’ll paint it white now.

But the best news is the hardware:

I wanted dark and sleek hardware that fit into the preexisting holes. This package of six pulls was $7! Seven! Can you believe it?! I found them at Target and even went to check the price because I was sure they couldn’t be that cheap. Similar pulls at Home Depot and Lowes were $3-$4 each. Score! And this is the second time Target has delivered with hardware… I bought pulls there when I refinished a dresser a few years back. Thank you, Tar-jay!
The last of the snow finally melted out of my yard this week and I even have some bulbs peeking up in the flower beds, so I am hoping it will be warm enough to finish painting soon.


  1. SERIOUSLY $5.00 Why can't I ever find these kinds of deal. Looks great white. And those pulls will be great. I will now be checking at Target for hardware.


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