The Very Best Carpet for Kids and Pets

Choosing carpeting can be a stressful decision. You walk into a carpet store and there are hundreds of choices! Talk about overwhelming.

A few months ago, I attended a conference for bloggers. One of the sponsors was Carpet One. They were there to show off their amazing new carpet, Tigressa H2O. Friends, I thought all carpet was created equal. Then I found Tigressa H2O. It looks like normal carpet on the front, but has a completely waterproof backing which means that spills cannot soak through to the carpet pad. Let me just say that again… SPILLS CANNOT SOAK THROUGH TO THE CARPET PAD! Do you realize what this means? It means that when you clean up a spill, it will actually be clean!

Best Carpet For Pets

If you’ve ever had a problem with pet odor or kid related spills, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. The “ick” soaks down into the carpet pad where it remains forever. Ew, ew, double ew!

Not so with Tigressa H2O!

Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean:

I was so impressed with this product that I knew immediately what kind of carpet I would be choosing for the craft room remodel. The whole reason we had to rip out the old carpet in the first place was because we couldn’t get the mouse smell out of the carpet pad!

I went to my local Carpet One store and headed straight for the Tigressa H2O display:

Tigressa H20 Carpet Review

I was happy to see a wide selection of carpet styles in on-trend colors. Here are some close-ups of different carpet types:

Carpet Samples

UPDATE 2022: The key to carpet that withstands kids and especially pets is that waterproof backing so that messes can’t soak into the carpet pad underneath.

I could not find this product linked on the Carpet One website any more, so I suggest stopping in at your local carpet store and asking for carpet with waterproof backing. They should be able to point you towards this product or one with similar features.

Carpet for kids and pets

After taking home a sample board and testing it out in our home, we chose the Tigressa H2O Headwaters I carpet in the color Gingersnap.

Kid-Proof Pet-Proof Carpet

It’s just the right balance between gray and tan. It’s not so light that it shows dirt but not so dark that it shows lint or makes the room look dark. It’s also got just the right amount of speckle to camouflage things. It is fluffy enough to feel luxurious, but short enough that it doesn’t get matted down. It is the perfect carpet!

I can’t wait to show you how gorgeous it is in the craft room. Seriously, sometimes I just go in there, lay on the floor and make snow angels. 

To see the beautiful installed carpet, CLICK HERE.

To see the full craft room reveal, CLICK HERE.

Disclosure: I contacted Carpet One to see if they would sponsor this post and they said yes! Thank you, Carpet One!


  1. What a neat collection of carpet colors and designs that are shown in the article. I wonder though, how would you do the carpet cleaning on a dark and a light carpet? The carpet that I have is somewhat dark and the only stains that are visible are the really light stains which takes me some time to clean up.

  2. Hi! I am considering this carpet for our new home but haven't found many reviews on it, I would assume because it is relatively new. Are you still happy with the carpet? How has it held up in your home (look, feel)? I have two young children and feel this would be perfect for their bedrooms!


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