Thrift Store Makeover: Family Night Chart

Hi there! Hope you had a nice weekend!
I’ve got a fun little makeover for you today. Several months back I found this little wooden house at a local thrift store:

It is about 10 inches tall. I have no idea what it was originally made for, but I’m assuming it was some sort of Christmas decoration since it was red and green. Who knows. I was drawn to it because the front of the house opens to reveal a compartment with little hooks in it. I love hidden compartments! When I saw it on the shelf, I knew that it would be perfect to transform into a family home evening chart. You can read about family night HERE.

I started by ripping off the green frames on the front:

Naturally I did this on the stairs. Isn’t that where you do all of your projects?! Ha!

A bit of painting and some cute scrapbook paper, and the house was completely transformed:

And here’s the inside:

It is going to look so cute on the bookshelf downstairs and each week when it’s time to plan FHE, it will be so fun for the kids to open up the little door and see all the assignments. I sure love a good makeover! I mean, seriously. I think it’s a pretty big change:

P.S. If you know what this little house was originally made for, I sure am curious…


  1. OH MY GOODNESS!!! That is Sooooooo cute. You can really think outside the box!!! I have trouble looking at something and coming up with another use….. I lack vision. You have inspired me!!

  2. Great makeover I love the final design!! Here is a thought about what could be the original use: key holder.

    Keep on with your good and inspiring work and thanks for sharing!


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